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Dongguan Pengrun Die Casting Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pengrun Technology) was founded in June 2008. Previously known as Dongguan Pengrun Lubricant Co., Ltd., it was renamed as Dongguan Pengrun Chemical Products Co., Ltd. according to its variations in business development and business scope. The company firstly acted as the agency for imported lubricants, lubricant additives and metalworking fluid compounding agents. In 2016, the company adapted to the expansion of its business and established the R&D and Production Base of Pengrun Technology. Since April 2018, it has been relocated to Huanan Industrial City, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City. The factory covers an area of 2.5 acres and has a workshop area of 6,000 square meters. It has a standard flow shop and 4 independent laboratories.

Business Idea and Market Competition
"If the actual working conditions of the users are precisely known, we will recommend the corresponding solutions and products", this is our working criterion and idea. At present, the operation environment of the manufacturing industry varies from that in the past. The requirements of customers upon the product provides the great challenges and opportunities to the inventors and innovators. With the continuous innovation of the new materials, much heavier environmental protection duties, and the much stricter production cost requirements raised from the customers, and due to many materials involved in all links of the manufacturing, most companies shatter their quality assurance. However, Pengrun Technology will never yield. Instead, it strives to enhance the product performance, so as to realize the high quality, yield and efficiency.

The technology is people-oriented, and subject to the environmental protection, while the sustainable development strategy has already obtained the high recognition from the people worldwide. Therefore, Pengrun Technology is also keenly aware of the important responsibility that it shall shoulder.  Meanwhile, the present globalization of the market enables the manufacturing industry to be further subdivided. Therefore, no brand may fully and completely dominate the market. Pengrun Technology will attach more importance upon the promotion and research within the magnesium aluminum alloy manufacturing field and metal processing field, and lead the team to cope with challenges.

Company Honor
In 2009, the company passed the authentication of ISO9001: 2009 quality system. In 2016, it is awarded as the China national high-tech enterprise. At present, the company holds the patent for three inventions as follows:
1. Silicon Free Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Release Agent;
2. Synthetic Ester Environment-Friendly Aluminum Alloy Cutting Emulsion Oil and its Preparation Method;
3. An Inorganic Silicon Die Casting Release Agent of Magnesium Alloy and the Preparation Method
In 2016, the product "inorganic & organic silicon magnesium alloy release agent" was awarded as the Guangdong provincial high-tech products.
The company has two brand products, namely, Qiweishi and Pengrun.

The Company's Future Development Direction:
The Pengrun Technology has a core team of more than 20 staffs, with the higher sales and scientific research development efficiency. The company will be committed to promote the environmental-friendly silicon free metal casting release agent and metal cutting fluid, while the progress of the breakthrough regarding the key application upon the oxidation of aluminum alloy anode has achieved at present. Meanwhile, the promotion of 5G wireless communication technology worldwide will also provide the opportunities to the company, while the product model has already been launched. Besides, considering the development trend of the auto's large-scale magnesium alloy die castings, the development pattern of Pengrun Technology has already been formed.
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