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What is the role of cutting fluid?
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Cutting fluid is mainly used in large enterprises such as automobile industry, mold processing industry and machinery manufacturing industry.

Lubrication: The lubrication effect of the metal cutting fluid (also known as coreless cutting fluid) during the cutting process can reduce the friction between the rake face and the chip, the flank face and the machined surface, forming a partial lubrication film, thereby reducing Cutting force, friction and power consumption reduce the surface temperature and tool wear of the tool and workpiece blank friction parts, improving the cutting performance of the workpiece material. During the grinding process, after the grinding fluid is added, the grinding fluid penetrates into the grinding wheel-grinding material between the workpiece and the abrasive-grinding material, which reduces the friction between the interfaces and prevents the abrasive cutting edge from being worn and adhered. Chips, which reduce grinding force and friction heat, improve wheel durability and surface quality of the workpiece.

Cooling: The cooling effect of the cutting fluid is to reduce the cutting temperature by removing the cutting heat from the tool and the workpiece by convection and vaporization between the tool (or grinding wheel) that generates heat due to cutting, the chip and the workpiece. Reduces thermal deformation of workpieces and tools, maintains tool hardness, and improves machining accuracy and tool durability. The cooling performance of the cutting fluid is related to its thermal conductivity, specific heat, heat of vaporization, and viscosity (or fluidity). The thermal conductivity and specific heat of water are higher than oil, so the cooling performance of water is better than oil.






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