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Anti-rust agent, metal processing assistant!
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Metal parts are prone to rust during production, processing and transportation. The so-called rust is due to the formation of a mixture of oxides and hydroxides on the metal surface due to the action of oxygen and water. It is difficult for the machine to be in contact with oxygen, moisture or other corrosive media in the air during operation and storage. These materials are on the metal surface. Electrochemical corrosion will occur and rust will occur.

Causes of metal rust:
Atmospheric relative humidity
    At the same temperature, below a certain relative humidity, the metal corrosion rate is small, and above this relative humidity, the corrosion rate increases sharply.
2. Temperature and humidity
    The water vapor content of the atmosphere increases with increasing temperature. High temperatures cause rust to increase, especially in humid environments, where the higher the temperature, the faster the rust.
3. Corrosive gases
    Corrosive gases in polluted air have the greatest impact on corrosion of metals with sulfur dioxide. Of course, it is self-evident that atmospheric oxygen is the most common metal rust and acts anywhere, anytime.
4. Other factors
    The atmosphere contains a lot of dust, such as smoke, coal ash, chloride and other acids, alkalis, salt particles, etc., are all rust factors, such as chloride is considered to be a "dead enemy" of corrosive metals.

    To prevent rust, it is necessary to prevent the above substances from coming into contact with the metal. The rust inhibitor is a chemical used to form a film on the surface of the metal to prevent corrosion of the metal, and the water-soluble rust inhibitor is most widely used. Waterborne rust inhibitor is a water-based rust preventive solution that can effectively protect steel, iron and other materials from rust.






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