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Human resource management is an important part of the company's management. It is the pillar and pillar of the company. The company will provide a broad platform for its talents. At the same time, the company pays special attention to “a hard work, a harvest”, and it must pay off. Science Standardize the employment mechanism that is full of vitality, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, to promote the company's business development, the company and employees grow together!

● Product Development Engineer
Job Categories: Chemical Technology Applications Fine Chemicals / Analytical Chemicals / Electroplating Chemicals Polymer Chemicals / Chemical Fiber / New Materials
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry or materials,
2. Successful experience in independent development or independent research products is preferred.
3. Can enroll graduate students of engineering, the age of the job is not limited, male or female.

● After-sales service consultant
Job Categories: Mold Workers General / Operators Die Casting Engineers
job requirements
1. High school or above,
2. Magnesium alloy die casting or metal processing CNC operation for more than three years.
3. Under 35 years old, do not accept recent graduates.

● Sales Assistant
Job Categories: Sales Assistant Business Specialist Business Assistant
job requirements:
1. Female, under 35 years old,
2. Fluent in Mandarin, basic English, technical secondary school or above.
3. Skilled in computer operation and understanding of the Internet.

● Secretary clerk
Job Categories: Secretary/Senior Secretary Manager Assistant Assistant General Manager
job requirements:
1. Meet all the conditions of the sales assistant;
2. Technical secondary school or above, secretarial or English or language or finance or finance major.
3. Those with similar work experience are preferred.

Interested parties, send my resume to: [email protected], and indicate the name and application position in the subject of the email.
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