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Except for the lubricants, our company also provides the advanced chemical metal cleaner and metal pretreatment technology. The cleaner is widely applied from the large-scale steelworks to the metal parts manufacturer. The auto spare and accessory parts industry and 3C product manufacturing industry are our most significant market.

For the dip-coating or spraying application, our products are used to remove the oil, emulsion, drawing organic chemicals, dusts, metal particles, and pigment on the surface of processing or punching parts. Such products are applied to clean the light oil stain on the surface of steel, cast iron and all the light metal alloy. After the cleaning, the zinc and aluminum alloys will provide the effective anti-corrosion protection, while the oxidation phenomenon will not occur during the cleaning process.

The key points of product storage
The product shall be stored inside the room. However, when the outdoor storage is unavoidable, it is required to horizontally place the bucket, so as to prevent from the water inflow and the damage of the label on the bucket. Meanwhile, it shall not be stored at the place at the temperature of more than 60℃, or with the direct sunlight or any chilly place.

Health, safety and environmental protection
It is required to provide the relevant health, safety and environmental protection information in the materials safety manual of the product, introduce the possible potential hazards and the first aid measures, and the environmental impacts of the processing after the use. The relevant data are available at the local branch companies or offices of Pengrun Company.
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