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Covers the entire die casting industry chain
We supply most of the technology in the whole industry chain: processing coolant, plunger punch lubricant, die-casting release agent, process cleaner, anti-rust agent, anti-flammable hydraulic fluid

Product service industry
Auto production  
  Motorcycle/auto parts
Engine block
Automobile air compressor
Steering parts/steering wheel
Cylinder cover
Electronic 3C product components  
  Laptop case player
Notebook accessories
Mobile phone shell
Large military computer components
Lighting products


Product Series  



In order to ensure that the release agent may be stuck to the high temperature part, it is feasible to realize the demolding only through the large number of spraying of the products with the high silicon content.......
Our PL series plunger lubricant has the excellent anti-corrosion capacity, vibration absorption capacity, extreme pressure property, anti-wear, mechanical stability, thermostability, and has the good lubrication function upon the plunger.......
It is the new type cutting fluid developed by our company, which belongs to the high-end product in the metal working industry. It has the following significant technical advantages......
The product shall be stored inside the room. However, when the outdoor storage is unavoidable, it is required to horizontally place the bucket, so as to prevent from the water inflow and the damage of the label on the bucket.......



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